Did Bobby V Cross the Line of No Return ?

Bobby ValentineBobby Valentine has not been the main reason for the Red Sox disappointing their fans this season. However, his big mouth looks to have sabotaged their best chance to put a big win streak together. If Bobby had not revealed to the world what went on behind closed doors between him and his bosses, he is more the victim than the problem. Apparently, he couldn’t help himself from being a bigger part of the problem. This mess surrounding Bobby V who said to Will Middlebrooks, “Nice inning, Will”, after Will made two errors, has further muddied many already muddy reputations. Muddy is one thing a season collapsing in August is quite another.

It appears Bobby crossed a line neither he nor his team can recover from. They were on a four game win streak and looking to extend against the pitching-weak Twins. Enter Bobby Valentine putting foot in mouth and sabotaging the win streak. In this latest from the soap opera at Yawkey Way, it looks like one of the many players that wants Bobby Valentine fired took this story to management to get him fired.

I seriously doubt the player in question was the rookie Will Middlebrooks. Beckett or Lachey are my top suspects. Presumably, Valentine was embarrassed and angry that management rebuked him for his comment to Middlebrooks, so on live radio he let the world know that this situation existed. This made everyone in the Red Sox organization look foolish and seemingly resulted in his team getting only two hits against a no name rookie. This not only ended the win streak but started a three game skid. Its one thing for a player to go to work hating their manager, its another when the players playing an important game become acutely aware that their dirty laundry just got aired in public. There is no doubt that this had a profound negative effect on their performance. Ironically, Bobby, is not the number one selfish, bumbling boob in this affair. That honor goes to the player who went to management to get Bobby fired. Next, on the order of magnitude of bumbling boobery is the person in management that sided with this player and rebuked Bobby. So the Bronze has to go to Bobby in this contest

An inkling of hope remains for the Red Sox, however it is more likely they wont make the playoffs and Bobby V gets fired. If John Henry, the principal owner of the Red Sox really wants to get his team back on track he also relieves Larry Lucchino of CEO and president responsibilities. Lucchino, being the reason Valentine got hired and being a major factor in spending big money on big name players. The trifecta would be to trade Josh Beckett then Red Sox fans would have some real reason to hope. Put a strong, smart,successful baseball man in charge and good things will happen. The Red Sox have a talented team of both youth and established stars. They need to be led by someone they can trust and who will lead them to the promised land.



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